Hormone Therapy In Tempe, AZ

Are Hormones Safe After Having Cancer?

There has been a stigma about taking hormones as it is believed by many to cause cancer. This is based on the WHI (woman’s health initiative) trial done in 2003 that showed an increase in the risk of getting breast and uterine cancer.

There were several problems with that trial. The biggest of which was that only synthetic hormones were studied that were not bio-identical and therefore had a side effect profile that is not seen in bio-identical hormones.

After the WHI trial millions of women everywhere stopped taking hormones out of this fear of getting cancer, blood clots, etc. and physicians everywhere became scared to prescribe them. This medical dogma has persisted with many clinicians.

Since then, there have been several studies such as the Nurse’s Health Study that have shown that bio-identical hormones do not pose that risk. There is no increased risk of breast, uterine, ovarian cancers, or with blood clots.

Furthermore, there have been studies showing these hormones are safe to take even with a history of localized breast and uterine cancer. There is a caveat though and that is to take both estradiol and progesterone together as they act to balance each other out. Independently of those hormones bio-identical testosterone therapy has been used to treat breast cancer and decreases the risk of breast cancer.

The WHI trial was damaging. For decades women have been denied care that would promote health and wellness and decrease the risk of cancer.

The good news is it is never too late to start, and we are happy to help.