What are Peptides?

Peptides are the building blocks of proteins which are often involved in cellular signalling and processes in the body.

Peptide therapy can help the body recover from injury or illness faster, lose weight more efficiently, improve sexual function, help with sleep, decrease inflammation and pain, and improve results in the gym.

For some clients, they can be the perfect complimentary treatment to their hormone optimization, exercise and nutrition plans.

What Else do Peptides Do?

There are over 7,000 known naturally occurring peptides that have essential roles in human physiology and performance. They work as hormones, neurotransmitters, and growth factors and they serve an amazing variety of functions to revitalize and renew your body.

Peptides work at the cellular level to perform their regulatory and rejuvenating actions on everyday physiology and neuroendocrine-immune function. Peptides as clinical tools are considered highly selective and efficacious, while also being relatively safe and well-tolerated.

Peptide therapies for both “on and off label” use, offer exciting therapeutic options for so many medical and health conditions and can be the perfect complimentary tool to optimize your wellness program

Peptide uses include:

Increasing Human Growth Hormone Levels
Improving Hair Growth and Skin Health
Supporting Hormone Imbalances Positively
Weight Management and Appetite Control
Blood Glucose and Insulin Regulation
Reduced Body Fat – Increased Lipolysis
Cardiovascular Support – Improved Lipids, Blood Pressure, Vascular Function
Improved Energy, Stamina, and Decreased Fatigue
Improved Sleep Patterns
Improved Memory and Concentration
Improved Cognitive Function and Your Overall Health
Reduce the Effects of Chronic Inflammation
Support for Lean Muscle Mass
Improved Workouts, Recovery
Improve Injury Recovery
Improved Bone Mineralization and Density
Improved Immune Responses
Improved Inflammatory Responses
Gut Health
Pain Control
Improved Sexual Desire (Libido)

Dr. McAuliffe on Peptides

“Youthify is proud to offer Peptides for our wellness plans. We are confident peptides can be a great compliment in your wellness plan to improve strength, sleep, libido, vitality and so much more for our clients. Ask about our different peptides to see if any are right for you and explore our offerings below"




Delta Sleep Inducing Peptide


Melanotan II




Thymosin Alpha-I




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