Nutritional Supplements for Wellness We Recommend

Medical Quality. Doctor Approved.

Youthify can provide supplements that are manufactured at pharmaceutical grade. These products are more consistent in quality, and deliver better, more controllable results compared to supplements found over the counter or online.

You can trust the source, amount, and quality of the supplement you are taking. In conjunction with micronutrient lab testing, you can be prescribed only the supplements you actually need.

Doctor Approved Pharmaceutical Grade Wellness Supplements

We need supplements. Many of our food sources have been nutrient depleted to maximize profit. Most of the supplements people take come from an unregulated source and when tested lacks consistency.

Youthify has partnered with XYMOGEN® to provide clients with pharmaceutical grade supplements. XYMOGEN® offers the highest quality nutritional supplements in the industry. After a carefully reviewed set of labs, Dr. McAuliffe is able to prescribe the exact type and amount of supplement your body needs to maintain optimal health.

Supplement uses include:

Improved immunity

Increased energy

Mental clarity

Reduced inflammation

Improved gut health

Improved focus

Reduced blood pressure

Support crucial bodily functions

Dr. McAuliffe on Supplements

“Supplement intake should be based on the individual’s metabolic needs, which can be better determined through micronutrient testing. We avoid a “shotgun” approach, and instead create a specifically tailored regiment to help patients achieve optimum well-being.”


Common Supplements We Offer:

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