The Exercise Prescription – Part 9 – Oxygen Capacity

The Importance of Oxygen Metabolism Capacity

And Extensor Core Strength

The better the cardiovascular capacity in an individual, the healthier they are and more likely to live a longer fully functional life.

There are a number of measurements used to assess cardiovascular health as well as the muscles ability to efficiently use oxygen with VO2 max considered the most reliable. It is possible to get these things measured in a lab. It is not really necessary though.

The most time effective way to improve cardiovascular health and very safe to perform for all fitness levels is a short duration high-intensity interval training or HIIT.  This type of training is likely to yield better and faster results then prolonged medium intensity training.

Again, let’s emphasize the importance of focusing on the system and not the end-goals. It is about changing the mindset. This is about providing a framework for doing so. If this can be accomplished, sustained improvements and continuous gains are far more likely.

In regards to extensor strength, muscle mass decline at approximately 4 lbs a decade and this occurs more rapidly with advanced age. If the math is done, we cannot rely on muscle mass gained as a youth to sustain us into old age and to remain independent in our old age without resistance training.

Part of an assessment will be to include muscle strength, core strength, balance, and flexibility when thinking of your needs analysis. A broad-based exercise program would include resistance training, cardiovascular training, balance and flexibility training. If this is coupled with sound nutrition and hormone optimization and the right mindset – success will be achieved.

Consult a physician before starting a new exercise program especially if there is any doubt in regards to overall health.