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At, we treat the signs and symptoms of aging. We use cutting-edge alternatives to “normal” treatment options. For example, we use cell-based therapies as well as adjunctive treatment such as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and evidence based anti-aging therapies.

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Matthew McAuliffe specializes in preventative and precision medicine as well as regenerative medicine. His unique program offers a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to vitality, health, and wellness that is individualized with a personalized treatment plan.

His interest in preventative and precision medicine began when he was searching for solutions to his own fatigue and decreased focus. He became a client of a precision medicine program. He developed a strong interest after seeing the results it gave him, not just with improved energy levels and focus, but with the significant improvement in his overall health.

He uses an approach that involved bio-identical hormone optimization, developing exercises prescriptions, and nutrition guidance that is tailored to the individual patient.

Dr. McAuliffe completed his undergraduate training at Arizona State University and his medical degree at Pennsylvania State Medical School. Dr. McAuliffe finished residency training in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. He furthered his medical training by completing fellowship-training in regenerative medicine at The Bodor Clinic in Napa, California.  He is certified in Age Management by the Age Management Medical group. He returned home to Arizona following his education and brought his knowledge of preventative and precision medicine to his practice in Scottsdale.

When asked about his treatment approach, Dr. McAuliffe has said, “I enjoy solving complex problems. I enjoy helping clients optimize their health and be the best version of themselves they can be. Too many physicians get stuck in decades old medical dogma that simply was never scientifically accurate. I enjoy being on the leading edge of medicine and being a part of the shift away from pharmaceuticals and towards biologics that are identical to what humans have evolved with for tens of thousands of years. To me it intuitively makes more sense to move down this path and the science behind the methods are there to prove it works.”

Youthify.Us has a calling to help patients optimize their health, their physical and mental performance, sexual wellness and longevity while preventing age related disease such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and dementia.

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